Release processΒΆ

  1. Update the release process

  2. Update WHATSNEW

  3. Update the version number and date in:

    • Douglas/
    • docs/
  4. Update AUTHORS:

    git log --pretty=format:%an | sort -u
  5. Commit the changes

  6. Tag the commit:

    git tag -a vx.y

    e.g. v1.5

  7. Run:

    ./ TAG
  8. Push everything to douglas.

    git push –tags origin master

  9. Build the docs:

    cd docs/
    make html
  10. Write release blog entry

  11. Push docs, tarball and blog entry to website.

  12. Push website changes to douglas-web repository.

  13. Update PYPI using the release tarball:

    tar -xzvf douglas-x.y.tar.gz
    cd douglas-x.y
    python sdist upload
  14. Send email to douglas-users and douglas-devel.

  15. Update version numbers to next version + .dev.