Welcome to Douglas’s documentation!


Douglas is a file-based blog system written in Python with the following features:

  • compiler
  • WSGI application
  • runs as a CGI script (woo-hoo!)
  • plugin system for easy adjustment of transforms
  • Jinja renderer
  • basic set of built-in plugins

Douglas is a rewrite of Pyblosxom.

Quick start

  1. Install:

    $ pip install https://github.com/willkg/douglas/archive/master.zip#egg=douglas``
  2. Create a new blog:

    $ douglas-cmd create blog
    $ cd blog
  3. Edit the configuration

  4. Write a blog entry

    $ vi entries/firstpost.txt
  5. Compile the blog

    $ douglas-cmd compile
  6. Copy the static assets (JS, CSS, images, ...)

    $ douglas-cmd collectstatic
  7. Preview it locally

    $ douglas-cmd serve
  8. Copy it to your server

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